September 20, 2009

Poster Movie Screening in Chicago 9/30

Canadian filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian brings her documentary film "Died Young, Stayed Pretty" to Chicago's Music Box Theatre on Wed. September 30th for a 7:20 screening followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, a few featured poster artists, and me. I made the music used in the soundtrack of the film. Please come and ask hard and/or embarrassing questions. Make me blush (not such a hard thing to do, really...). The film provides an interesting look at punk rock poster making communities in North America. ALSO: Listen to WBEZ Chicago Public Radio on Wed. Sept 30th at 9am. EIGHT FORTY-EIGHT co-host Alison Cuddy interviews "DIED YOUNG, STAYED PRETTY" filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian and me.

» WBEZ radio interview for the Chicago screeening...