May 13, 2009

In The Mayfair Studio:

This month has been full of band projects at Mayfair.

Jim Elkington (of the Zincs and Horse's Ha) is making a solo record for Thrill Jockey and we did some of the tracking here at Mayfair. So far the music follows a lot of the great twists and turns Jim is known for in his other two bands... great lyrics, his beautiful low tenor voice... some electronics. It will surely be a great record.

Also, I was lucky enough to be able to track Susan Voelz (Poi Dog Pondering, Alejandro Escovedo) for the Jim Elkington record and some mixing for another project of hers. It is always amazing to hear Susan build string sections right in front of your eyes!

Also in the studio, I have been mixing recordings by two of the ex-M's members, Joey King and Steve Versaw that were tracked at the Wilco loft by Jason Tobias. As they did in the M's, they do a great job of wearing some of their inspirations on their sleeves (the Beatles, T-Rex, Lou Reed, M Ward, Buffalo Springfield, the Amboy Dukes to name a few) all the while making every well crafted song their own. It has been hard to shake these catchy melodies. I can't wait until it's done!

I'm also doing some work for Daniel Knox who is a very unique Chicago singer songwriter. His music would fit nicely among Tom Waits, Jacques Brel, and Scott Walker... Daniel recently lent some vocals to the newest Jarvis Cocker record. See him live when he tours as support for the Handsome Family this summer. We mixed a few tracks for his new record here at Mayfair and will be adding some instrumentation from the great Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, Hal Willner, B-52's, etc) and mixing the rest in June.

ALSO: I was lucky enough to assist at the Wilco loft on another Jeff Tweedy recording... actually it wasn't his recording. Jeff added vocals to another artist's record... I wish I was allowed to tell you who and more about the record because it's a really fun bit of music news... but for now that's all you get... mums the word on the rest...