April 17, 2008

Mayfair... Also Recording Studio to the Stars?

There have been so many recording projects taking place at Mayfair these past few months in between Mayfair composing jobs.... I love it so much... but how did this happen?

The Mekons (adding some to their next record on Touch And Go Quarterstick)

The Horse's Ha (featuring the lovely and talented Janet Beveridge Bean of Freakwater/Eleventh Dream Day and the lovely and talented Jim Elkington of the Zincs)!

David Greenberger (of the Duplex Planet fame)!

Dianogah (finishing touches on their new record for Southern)!

Andrew Bird (tracking both at Mayfair and at the amazing Wilco loft studio for his next record)!

Rebecca Gates (late of Sub-Pop greats the Spinanes also did a little singing and mixing for her next solo record)!

I am amazed and honored to work with all of these folks!!


» Read more about andrew bird's recording sessions in the new york times!