January 12, 2008

PBS Airs Documentary with Coctails' Music

This week PBS's Independant Lens series presents TODAYíS MAN, a documentary that tells the story of Nicky Gottlieb, a former child genius who, at age 21, is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. TODAYíS MAN follows Nicky as he struggles to leave the safety of his familyís home and the comfort of his favorite TV shows in order to find a job and an apartment. Made by Nickyís sister Lizzie Gottlieb, the film is a sisterís search to understand her brotherís mysterious inner life and a larger effort to comprehend Asberger Syndrome and the people who struggle with it. The film uses three songs by the Coctails. Thanks to music supervisor Beth Urdang (Agoraphone).

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