"Sing Songs for You and Me" CD EP
Georgia Greenberg and August Greenberg are brother and sister and both live in the windy city of Chicago, IL. Georgia is six years old and August is four. When they are not singing their hearts out, they can be found playing with clay, drawing pictures, and eating lunch. This CDR release includes 9 songs in all! This CD is also available as MP3s from (2/10/04).

Compilation CD
(From the liner notes:) "This compilation is for and by people who feel that to be active and joyful in a climate of negativity is a form of protest, a refusal to give up hope." It is the very first release from Chicago’s IC imprint and includes music from such artists as Pit Er Pat, the Eternals, Euphone, Rebecca Gates, as well as a piece by Mark Greenberg as Mayfair Recordings. 19 tracks in all.

12" Action Figures (Set of Four)
$280 plus shipping
Golly! In production right now are 12" action figure replicas of the four Coctails; Archer, Barry, John, and Mark. These will be G.I. Joe type action figures with molded heads, moving parts, Coctail outfits, and all! These could ONLY be made by the fine folks at PressPop in Japan, makers of many fun vinyl figures, colorful printed material, and comic book related doo-dads. Don’t miss your chance to order these pieces of artwork! Time is running out!
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"3/4 TIME" 7" EP
Here is the Coctails' 7" EP celebrating 'the waltz'. Guest appearance by Dave Max Crawford on both accordion and trumpet. Comes in an attractive two-color fold over sleeve. All three tracks are waltzes and instrumentals. Recorded during the Long Sound sessions and released on the Hi-Ball imprint.

"Songs For Children" 7" EP
On these early recordings, the Coctails decide to aim low…height-wise that is. Fun is the underlying theme as the Coctails present their own take on children's music as well as tackling a couple of old standards. For children of all ages!

"Street Where Love Lives" 7" single
MOTO is a band (a duo for this recording) that writes and record two minute pop gems that you already have inside your head. Sing along the first time through! Comes as glow-in-the-dark vinyl inside a special die-cut fold-over sleeve with the letters "M O T O" cut of the front so when exposed to the light then played in the dark, the word "MOTO" glows and spins as the song plays. It really works!!

"WHY?!" 7" single
Released on the Telstar label, this two-song single features the Coctails backing Hoboken's mysterious and infamous T. Lance. Together they cover two old garage classics, "Why?!" and "Abba Dabba Doo Dance". Cover features hilarious Archer Prewitt artwork.

This 7 song (!) 7" EP features Dame Darcy (Meatcake comics, Roller Derby contributor, Lisa Suckdog collaborator, x-Caroliner) backed by the Coctails. All recorded in the largest plywood barn in North America. Comes in a full color fold over cover with a comic book inside that illustrates the lyrics of Darcy's songs. Described as a surreal hootenanny with dogs barking in the background.

"Drum Set" 5 song 7" EP
Five minimal instrumental melodic guitar pop songs. Created by Mark Greenberg and Ann-Marie Riederer prior to their wedding. Features little more than two guitars and drums. Comes in a fancy FireProof Press printed jacket.

"Eightball" 7" single
Reedsman Ken Vandermark was the recipient of the MacArthur Foundation's 'Genius Grant' in the year 2000 for his continued progression in the American jazz idiom. Here Ken and his quartet take off in two very different directions. While the title track walks a drunken blues-fed line, "Steelhead Beauty" has more force, speed, and freedom, like a pile of bricks falling on your head…in the good way.

"Hypnotic Downpour" 12" EP
Way before Archer Prewitt had his solo career, long before he was in such bands as The Sea & Cake, The Coctails, or even Mudhead, Archer was one third of Kansas City's Bangtails. Not only is he thumping away at the bass and hollering some of the vocals, he also did the woodcut on the front cover. This EP was thought way out of print up until a year ago when a few boxes were uncovered under a couch. Your luck.

Louisville's Evergreen features Britt Walford (Slint, Breeders, Squirrel Bait, For Carnation, King Kong, Palace Brothers, Hogleg, etc…) on drums. Heavy, greasy, dirty rock that may make one want to take one's pants off. Released on Hi-Ball with nice Prewitt art on a fold-over two color cover.

HI-BALL RECORDS 12" Turntable felt
Now you can celebrate your favorite tiny fetish record label while protecting your priceless vinyl! This 12" record felt fits easily on any regulation size turntable and acts as a protective layer between your cherished record collection and your jagged and pointy, sandpaper-like turntable. Get one while supplies last!

Comes in both L and XL sizes. This black tee with a white image of a record and Hi-Ball logo on your chest will show everyone you have a t-shirt from a record label they have never heard of. Features two short sleeves and a proper sized neck hole for which to push your head through for comfortable wearing. While supplies last!

Add $2 per every $10 ordered for shipping and handling for USA orders. Outside of the USA, add $4 per $10 ordered. Make checks, money orders, and cash out to MAYFAIR RECORDINGS and send to:
P.O.Box 617522
Chicago, IL 60661
Please include shirt size if ordering a shirt and head size if your head is grossly oversized. Add your email address just in case something is out of stock. Thanks.