Click on a title to visit each fun, life affirming, time wasting site. Have fun while you look like you are working!


Here Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Weird War) does his best 'Dick Cavett' as he rents out the Guggenheim to interview interesting characters in music (Will Oldham, Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins) and the not so interesting (Andrew WK). Not sure when Ian will get to the next bunch but the ones p so far are all very entertaining.


Mostly known for his genre defining jazz record cover illustrations for Columbia and RCA in the 40's and 50's, this lovingly created website shows the many side of this amazing illustrator and artist.


Wow! Someone was nice enough to create this site to share these some of the art from the mysterious and imaginary soul hero Mingering Mike. Read the whole story… buy the book…. see the amazing one-of-a-kind LP covers…


Here is another great site for another music/art project of robotic music making creations much like the already listed LEMUR site.


Man oh man do I want to quit my job and become a full time contributor to this site! Damn! Look at all the red hots, the gyros, the cheese, the fat, the grease, the cloggings! I've gained weight just browsing this site.


Another site that brings out my lust of all things cheap, plastic, chromatic, and battery operated… This shows a very nice collection of crappy toy keyboards of the past. I want them all…. Gimme!


Best known for his burning lead line in Del Shannon's "Run Away", Max Crook has also become synonymous with the instrument the Clavioline and his own expanded version of it called the Musitron. Read more about this musician/inventor.

Duplex Planet

Step into the nutty yet uniquely touching world of David Greenberger's Duplex Planet. His website is the logical extension of the home made zine he started in 1979 way before there was the word 'zine'. Has human decline always been this entertaining?

Coudal Partners

This Chicago design firm has gone whole hog in the direction of following their fancy. Their interesting and creative link web-log has taken over their lives (and work days?) and we should be thankful for it. They deserve a daily check-in. They scour the web so you don't have to!

WFMU "Beware of the Blog"

OK, I know I said I am not a blog reader. There are a few very good exceptions... WFMU's web-log is unbelievably filled with so much amazing stuff to see, hear, and read you will not be able to look away. Side effects may include low productivity, unemployment, and marital problems.


Wow, this is a great site with tons of old footage of Scott Walker, Sly Stone, Joe Meek, the Carpenters, etc, etc as well as forgotten TV commercial classics! It might not have as much as but it surely has a higher percent of quality.


Everyone has been to YouTube by now… but here are some searches you may not have done... 'shredding', 'emogirl21', 'jimmy page age 14', 'sweet fox on the run', 'DEVO 73', 'don kirshner', 'Raymond Scott's Electronium', Sparks... the list is endless.


My brother Corey is into shaving... very into shaving...wet shaving, shaving with old school double edged safety razors, new old stock blades, fancy creams, hot later machines, you name it. Be prepared to be submerged into a subculture you may not be ready for... or one your wallet is not ready for, anyway. The writing is so funny and well done he could be talking about dog crap and it would still be a great read.

The Jingle Archive

Norman Berrington has put together (is still putting together?) a fun site with a great collection of old jingles from some of the top names in the jingle biz from the 50's, 60's, and 70's... folks like PAMS, Pepper Tanner, JAMS, TM Productions, and more. A fun reference and look back at the golden age of the medium.

Tick Tock Toys

Here is an incredible reference library of classic advertising art and related things from the mid to late 20th century. From Halloween make-up package art to dozens of different theme amusement parks to plastic cereal box prizes to cartoon characters you know and a bunch you don't.

Batman Onomatopeyas

Have you ever wanted to hit someone over the head but you weren’t sure what sound it would make? Or close the window on someone's fingers? Or drop a bowling ball on someone's foot? Well, this site will help you pick the term that fits just right into your situation.

Rare Record Auction Results

Here is a great site that will show you what prices rare records have gotten in the past on Ebay... it goes beyond the 'completed auctions' Ebay provides. Very useful when looking for that Julie Andrews/Moondog record or the Units 'Ready for the House'.


The League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) is a Brooklyn-based group of artists and technologists developing robotic musical instruments. The have created a body of work consisting of robotic musical instruments that play themselves. There are many film clips showing the instruments in cocert. Amazing. Truly one of the most inspiring sites I have come across.

Gorilla Suit

Gorilla Suit is from what I can tell mostly art from the mind of illustrator extraordinaire Arthur Jones, creator of the animated “Monster Team” shorts… Answers are not easily gotten… mystery prevails...

J. Otto Seibold

Another one of our favorite illustrators J. Otto has done many books for children (Olive the other Reindeer, Mr. Lunch Takes a Plain Ride, Gluey…) and his site is as close as kids should come to hallucinogens.


Hand printed posters by 'Chicago's own' Mr. Jay Ryan. Beyond playing the bong-rattling bass in Dianogah ( of the basses anyway), Mr. Ryan has created a gi-normous body of work making rock posters for rock shows by rock bands. He sells his over run stock for VERY RESONABLE prices, too. Fill your walls with his hard work.


Look at your jacket. Are there buttons on it? They were probably made here. This is the easiest, friendliest, fastest way to turn your art into buttons. Five million rock bands can't be wrong, right? RIGHT?!


Music fan and historian George Gimarc must be a busy man. His website is full of his writings on music of many genres, descriptions of his many music compilations, and his list of current records for sale on Ebay (usually around 200 at a time). He is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable Ebay music sellers you will come across.


Jen Farrell quite simply rocks. Her Vandercook and Sigwalt presses are running night and day churning out amazing letterpress artwork for record covers, CD jackets, and posters in addition to wedding invites and calling cards. Visit her shop and you will not believe messy, inky work is done there. It looks more like the inside of the Palace of Letterpressland and Jen, the beautiful queen.


Much like the listed here, this site helps you answer the age old question "How best shall I fill my home and life with large, old, heavy things on which I can make music?"


Why go out into the cold, mean world? You can visit museums and collections of everything from furnace stickers to light bulbs and ALL that is in between.. and I do mean ALL. (Warning: The Navel Fluff site is NOT recommended by Mayfair Recordings and should not reflect negatively on its owners and operators.)


Why don't you just leave your wallet at the counter when you come in? You know you are going to spend every cent you have on these largely hard to find records and CDs, right?! Why fight it? Dusty Groove specializes in funk, soul, jazz, Brazilian, reggae, and music you don't even know you want yet.

Eric Claridge

In addition to holding down the bottom end in the Sea & Cake, Eric Claridge is a great painter. Here is a site that showcases his visual art side. Email him and buy your own. He sells at rock bottom prices!

Tight Ship Records

Many good and interesting recordings to choose from. Check out this new 'burn on demand' CDR label. Could this be the future of all your music buying?

The Coctails

Here is your resource to buy music of the Coctails on CD, including the new Popcorn Box, a three CD box set of rarities, B-sides, and out-takes that includes a 52 page full color booklet all housed in a sturdy popcorn box design.

Comfort Stand Recordings

CSR is an internet label with ALL FREE DOWNLOADABLE MUSIC! The artwork, too, is free and there to download. Come and peruse the oddities therein.

Oddio Overplay

This website exists to spread some happiness all over the planet by sharing sounds. The sites featured here are for legal sharing of music online, so you are free to relax and enjoy!

Raymond Scott

This site is edited by Irwin Chusid, author of "Songs in the Key of Z", WFMU DJ, and general musicologist of all things odd. It has amazing insight into one of the greatest American composer/inventors Raymond Scott. From his start in the 40's and 50's using a quintet playing decidedly novelty jazz to leading music into the realm of electronics and synthesized sounds. And, oh, the inventions!

This Day In Music

Find out what happened in music history on this day. Also find out with whom you share a birthday. Me? I share mine with Zelma Davis of C&C Music Factory and Pete De Freitas of Echo and the Bunnymen! Well it's not like we meet up for drinks or anything!

Thrill Jockey Records

Visit one of the greatest independent record labels ever! Find out about music you need to have in your life, see who is touring, get inspired!

Drag City Records

What can I say about Drag City that has not been said before? Always so way off the "target" they have started their own target. Truly people who put out records for the ONLY good reason....because THEY like them. We need more Drag Cities!


THEE official site of Spuds everywhere! Run by the Men of Devo themselves! It's true! Ask a question in the forum and I swear Gerald will email you back…in moments! Doesn't he have a job?

If you cannot find the record you are looking for here, I tell you it DOES NOT EXIST! This is a very dangerous site to visit. Stay away unless you are prepared to spend, spend, spend 'til your daddy takes the Paypal away!

Soviet State Records

A website by good people putting out recordings of the 'punk rock'.

Yo La Tengo

Great site, great band, great people, great records, great golly! I think I just ate a bug!

Obsolete Instruments

A fun historical timeline with insane inventions leading from the last turn of the century up to what Chippy tries to unload on you at Guitar Center.

Peterson Tuners

Sure, they are the standard for strobe tuners (along with Conn, right?) but their crowning achievement is the beer bottle pipe organ. I think you will have to agree.


The weirdest, cheapest, most crazy keyboard instrument of them all. The Optigan SEES ALL!

Show and Tell Music

This is a site that "serves as sort of an orphanage for thrift store music and album cover art". Fun to waste time at work with or to plan your next album art!

Matt McClintock is a crazy genius. Crazy because he has opened up his ENTIRE house to you and me. Riffle through his undies drawer, look under the bed, check out the bathroom. It's all fair game!

Kingston Dubplate Cutter

Want a machine that will cut your own records one by one? Got five grand? Go to it, mister!

The Glass Harmonica

Visit the site of the only American glass harmonica maker. What is a glass harmonica? Oh, you gotta see this! You have to love instruments that are made by a bunch of scientists and lab work glass makers!

Neil Hamburger!

America's funny man Neil Hamberger has his own site! Be prepared to wet yourself…with tears!

MOJO Magazine

Like, this is a dangerous site. It will somehow empty your wallet every time you sit down and read an article. Those limmies know what they are talking about when it comes to lesser know music of past decades, inside scoops on artists you THOUGHT you knew, and most off all US.

North Branch Studio, Chicago

Friends that have a really nice small studio in Chicago, home of the really nice small studios. Old mics plus new technology handled by music lovers… where can you go wrong?

DJ Barry Phipps

Getting married? Need a DJ? DJ Barry Phipps will rock and roll all night, and part of every day.

Kitty Cam

This is a cam where you can see a few Canadian cats play. Nothing to do with Rush.

Dame Darcy

Her Majesty Miss Dame Darcy triumphs at all she attempts! Comic books, kids shows, all around defying of the laws of nature! Plus she makes dolls using YOUR human hair. Check out her site and fall in love!

Disturbing Auctions

Some twisted folks are out collecting the oddest, most freakish frightening auctions on the net and reporting back to us. Way beyond the used panty craze of '98!


Ta da! Mixerman is here to save the day! This blog illustrates both why popular music is nothing but lemming food and why we cannot turn away from a car wreck ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Odd Music

Here is a great site for musical instrument inventors and new sound seekers alike. Totally inspirational! Just watch those hippies go!

Home of Carol Kaye

She played bass all over Pet Sounds, with Sam Cooke, Herb Alpert, played on the Brady Bunch and M*A*S*H themes, even jammed with Frank Zappa. As part of the now termed 'Wrecking Crew' Carol Kaye has played more of the bass lines you have in your head than any three McCartneys, John Paul Jones', or Jack Bruces put together!

Harry Partch Site

Harry Partch was an American hobo/composer who not only invented and developed his own instruments for his orchestras, he invented his own musical scales, too! This site lets you interact with some of his instruments. Man, where is my line out?!

Museum of Techno

Just as the title states, here is a good place to see where techno came from, where it is going, and an easy place to download a few burning break beats in the process.

Combo Organs!!

Oh, I had to go at this one slowly, like looking at chocolates in a candy store, making sure I see every one before I make my decision of which I will search out now on Ebay. Yummmmmm.

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Yes, there were spider eggs in Bubble Yum! Yes, Mikey did die in a tub full of Pop Rocks and soda! Yes, that stuff was really found in Rod Stewart's stomach! IT'S ALL TRUE!!!!

Electrical Audio

Electrical Audio is way more than an incredible studio built and maintained by Steve Albini. It is a feeling! Recordists of all levels can learn a thing or three on this site. A tell all!

Sun Ra and his Arkestra

Wow, there is a lot of great stuff here about Sun Ra! So many records, so little time...

Trouser Press

Very opinionated cataloging of all non-mainstream music that has mattered in the past 35 years. Treat yourself to this education. Perfect potty reading (for laptop users only, please).

Hot Doug's

The only Chicago hot dog stand that actually KNOWS what are in their hot dogs! They have replaced 'sweepin's' and cartilage with Buffalo, Veal, and Calvados-Infused Smoked Duck! They even fry their French fries in duck fat one day a week. They call it the 'heart-stopper'! OK, I call it the 'heart-stopper'.

Jandek site

Get as much information as you can bear about this mysterious Texas musician and recluse. 36 records and still going strong!


This website (along with the actual monthly printed magazine) is full of great ideas and inspirations for recordists at all levels. They celebrate economy and so shall we.

The Roller-skating Thereminist

Pamelia Kurstin is not only an amazing Theremin player (and rollerskater); she is also a stone cold fox. I am just stating the undisputable facts, mind you. Someone needs to get her her own TV show.

The Monks

Primal, distorted caveman beats from GI Americans in Germany in the mid sixties. Some say they were the first. Others ask, "First at what?".

Soul Strut

Comprehensive place for all things soul, funk, dusty, and pressed into black vinyl. Learn all the stuff we SHOULD have been taught in school in the 70's. I mean, really! "Math"?! What is THAT?!

Death Clock

Everyone must eventually face the Death Clock. The Death Clock knows all. Well, not all... actually not much except for when you will die. I guess that is all it knows. Huh.