Deagan Vibraphone

I took this set of vibes to be fixed once. I found a mallet place in the Yellow Pages and took them over. As the man was looking them over he mentioned to me, "You know, these were made here." I said "Sure, they were made by Deagan" which I knew to be a Chicago company from long ago. "No, no. They were made HERE", he said, "in THIS room in the 1940's!". His name is Gilberto and he is world famous if you travel in the mallet circles. His shop Century Mallets took over the Deagan building when Deagan went out of business in the 60's. Gilberto was a master craftsman with Deagan and now is teaching his own son the trade. Stepping into his shop is like stepping back in time eighty years. He has museum quality instruments in shapes and sized you had no idea were ever manufactured.