In 1978 the Bee Gee's just could not be any bigger. They had been pop stars practically all their lives in Australia and the UK and now finally the film "Saturday Night Fever" and their accompanying soundtrack would make them household names in the USA to every single living human being, from infants to grannies and all in between. In 1978 they co-starred in the movie "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" along with a cavalcade of stars ranging from Peter Frampton and Steve Martin to Aerosmith and George Burns. They were at the top of their game and were unstoppable! This small plastic rhythm keyboard toy made by Mettel has nothing to do with the Bee Gees. Nothing. Not one thing. It doesn't play any of their songs. They didn't use it on any recordings or in concert. My bet is Mettel had a ship load of these strange and cheaply made monophonic keyboard toys that weren't selling. Inspired by Star Wars and their marketing tie-ins they quickly scored a licensing deal with Bee Gees Omnimedia Inc, renamed the toy, slapped a sticker with the Bee Gees' logo on it, and ta da! An instant hit! Look out Betamax! Look out Pong! Look out "Kiss Meet the Phantom of the Park"! It does have some pretty unique sounds and really, that is all I'm looking for in life. The beats are simple yet are unlike most others. The strange action (or non-action) of the keys make you play differently than you would on another toy keyboard of the time. Hey Barry, Robin, and Maurice... you did good!