60's Gretsch Drum Set

On a trip back to Kansas City to record, the Coctails stopped at a pawnshop on the way out of town. It was mostly filled with sporting type equipment like cross bows and punching bags. Way at the top of one of the shelving units was this beautiful aqua blue satin flame drum set. I assumed it was some beautiful cheapo set so I asked to take it down to look it over. It was a vintage and sought after Gretsch set from the 60's with a 20" kick drum, two rack toms and a floor tom, all matching. The price was ridiculously low so it became one of my most prized instruments as well as being the Coctails drumset for many years. We once played a show in Minneapolis and after a guy came up to me and said he had a matching snare drum to my set (I was using a blue sparkle one at the time). I joked that I would love to buy it from him the next time I played Minneapolis. A year later I show up to the club and there he is with the snare drum in hand. Thanks guy from Minneapolis! The current floor tom was found in Chicago a year after that. It is actually a marching snare drum. It matched the rest of the set in finish and in era of hardware. I pulled off the snare, added legs and there you go.