Musictronic Learning Center

The best buy of my life was at a guitar store outside of Dallas, Tx called Eugene's (he is at all the guitar shows). They had this amazing organ that was made for 6 people to play it at once. It was a teaching model from the late 60's or actually probably the early 70's made by Musitronic (Wurlitzer) called the Learning Center. It is on wheels and folds in the middle like a ping-pong table. The six organs are all the way around so all players were looking at each other like they were at a dining table. Each organ has its own 1/4" out and the 'teachers' organ at the head of the table has a controller to turn on and off each other organ. It is very space age looking, very DEVO. (It is pictured on a Dianogah/Log Letters split 7".) I think there was a school that was knocked down near by and these guys ended up with the organ. I was seriously tearing up with joy when I saw this thing amongst the pointy headstocked, scalloped fretboarded guitars of Eugene's. "How much", I asked. The fat bearded guy behind the counter (well, one of the fat bearded guys, anyway) replied "$150". I have never pulled cash from my pants faster in my life. The money practically flew out of my pants like a bird. No hemming and hawing at all. I swear I think those fat bearded guys are STILL laughing at me for buying itů and that was eleven years ago.