This instrument has a decal inside its sound hole that says it is made by Marx & Marx of Chicago and calls itself a Marxolin. The Marxolin was one of many odd instruments that company made and marketed in the 20ís and 30ís and 40ís. They would often have their own spin on somewhat standard instruments of the time. Their Marxophone was pretty much like an autoharp and a hammer dulcimer. It had hammers that would double hit each string played giving it a totally new sound. They married violins to ukuleles, zithers to cellos. What is strange about this instrument is that after some research about Marxolins, this does not seem to be one. It is one stringed with a metal cylinder attached that slides up and down the neck as you pluck or bow. It gets a slide guitar sound but more bendy and cartoon-y. No Marxolins I found online match this at all. They are multi stringed bowed instruments. Did someone glue in the wrong decal? Could this be a different musical oddity that got mislabeled? Or is it a modern made fake with tags meant to deceive? Hmmm. More research must be doneÖ Either way it is a fun music maker.