This effects unit sounds as over sized as it looks. The unit rises out of its housing and connects to its two tall chrome legs. It becomes somewhat space-age-night-table looking. Really, I just donít know what they were thinking with this thing. First, unlike most effects units where you just plug your guitar in with a standard 1/4" cord, this uses its own special 9 pin connector. If it gets caught in a door or you pull it apart while rocking out, sorry. You are out of luck. Also, it comes with another cord, one that has its own futuristic (well, futuristic for 1968) guitar bridge pickup you are supposed to drill holes and install on your guitar. Huh?! Are they insane? What is also funny is that each of the two cords provided are the curly type and are each probably 8 feet long when totally extended. Not much room to rock. Oh well. Luckily the crazy fuzz tones and modulations this thing emits far outweighs its oddly designed shortcomings. It has toggles like an organ would have adding tones labeled 'fuzz bass', 'sitar', 'harpsichord' and the like. Its too big to carry from show to show but certainly worth its weight.