Here is one of my most favorite new things. It is a hand made Trautonium, an instrument originally developed by a German electrical engineer named Dr Freidrich Adolf Trautwein and made popular (well, not popular, but you know what I mean) in the 30's and 40's by Oskar Sala, the experimental composer and musician. For a while it was an actual production instrument manufactured and marketed by Telefunken. Sala became synonymous with the instrument and went on to create his own advanced versions of it. He is most famous for using it to make the soundtrack to Hitchcock's movie "The Birds". The Trautonium is a lot like a Theremin but rather than the pitch relating to the proximity of your hand to an antennae, the Trautonium has a thin metal ribbon you slide your finger up and down to alter the pitch of the tone. This particular Trautonium was made by a guy in Alabama who fashioned a 'hobo style' dog house housing. It has a plexiglass back so you can see the vacuum tubes light up and his soldering work which is nice. This looks very much like my Hobo Jukebox Amplifier and so far I have played this only through that. They seemed destined to be together and who am I to mess with destiny?