This is the three octave flip top model with its own legs. I believe it was Jenco's biggest portable model as I have seen some without the flip-top and with about an octave less. It is in very good condition. My friend Archer bought me another (an older blond one) that is in desperate need of repair. It was found in a great music store in Tucson, AZ actually called 'Chicago Music' and once on tour I saw it and for some reason passed it up. I returned a year later on another tour to right my wrong but sadly it was gone… or so it seemed. This place is just piled high to the ceiling with crap upon crap upon crap… Don’t get me wrong, some of it is good crap. But to find the good crap you must dig like a dung beetle through the bad crap to find it. I kicked myself for years for passing up that celesta until Archer went back though the pile and refound it for me. Thanks Archer!