This is the Gibson version of the Solovox, a monophonic keyboard you attach to the underside of your keyboard of your piano in the 50's and 60's for 'solos' (as heard in Del Shannon's "Runaway"). This one is a bit noisy and full of unwanted hum, though I do use it to record anyway. It has a very unique/shambly sound. The keyboard fits in the back of its own amplifier. (I also have an out of order Solovox that needs attention). I bought this from a store that had no idea what it was. They thought it as just a speaker enclosure. They had not inspected it enough to see the keyboard hidden inside. I got it for almost nothing. I still shop at that store. I feel myself blushing sometimes, like I got away with something I shouldn't have... almost like I stole something. Oh, the guilt.