Wurlitzer MLM Student Organ

This is a very simple organ made by Wurlitzer probably in the 70's. It is part of their Music Learning Module educational series. They were very cheap, light organs made to be easily transported by students. It even has a handy handle on top. These are made out of thick recycled plastic (like playground lumber) and I bet would float in water. I have seen this blue color and also black versions. I bought this on Ebay for $35. I then noticed the seller had four more for sale just like the one I bought. As I hemmed and hawed about the others someone snapped one up. In a panic, I bought the other tree instantly (please don't tell my wife!). Why do I need four of these organs? I don't. It is a sickness. I am fully aware. Luckily I sold one of these organs to someone in Japan about a month later for $290 which paid for the whole deal and left me with three 'free' organs and even a little extra cash. My wife still talks to me. Life is good.